Table of Contents

The Green-Market System (From Parallel Currencies to the Green-Market System)

*** 1. From the New Currency of the Banknotes to the Industrial Revolution ***
Scarcity of coins in the 17th century
Appearance of the banknote in England in the 17th century
Loan multiplication and the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century
The Bank of England and its banknotes in the 18th century

*** 2. Parallel Currencies: Hiccups of the 18th century ***
Banknotes discredited in France after 1720
Debacle of the “continentals” in the US around 1780
Collapse of the assignats of the French revolution around 1795
The Napoleonic Wars and banknotes

*** 3. The Black Market and the Alternative Currencies ***
The $2 trillion black market
Cryptocurrencies and the black market
The five currencies of Argentina after 2001

*** 4. A Parallel Economy to Reduce Inequalities (and Fight Global Warming) ***
A black-market-like system to reduce inequalities
A new currency to isolate the green-market
A carbon tax in green-money to crank up the green-market
Road-map to legalization
A faster velocity of money to circumvent lowflation