Table of Contents


Section 1: Unyielding Inequality
Weak job market for the lower middle class
Most of the GDP growth goes to the rich
Inequality and insecurity are fueling the polarization of society

Section 2: The government seems stuck!
No, welfare will not shrink inequalities!
No, the government can’t outlaw inequalities! (only a bit)
No, a high-income tax isn’t the panacea!
No, a new wealth tax wouldn’t fund it all!
No, borrowing can’t bankroll it all!

Section 3: The Black (Parallel) Market Can Alleviate Inequalities
The $2 trillion black market and its currencies
The five currencies of Argentina after 2001

Section 4: A New Parallel Market to Reduce Inequalities
A black-market-like system to reduce inequalities
A new currency to isolate the green-market from any abuse or misuse
A carbon tax in green-money to crank up the green-market
Road-map to legalization

Epilogue: Macroeconomics, not Politics!