Table of Contents

1. Global Warming is Happening

Economic growth and global warming
Global warming must be stopped

2. Monitoring Global Warming

Monitoring GHG emissions
Monitoring efforts per category

3. No Easy Solution: it's about the economy!

No, carbon-free energies can’t easily replace it all!
No, frugality isn’t the solution!
No, governments can’t regulate it all! (only a bit)
No, government subsidies can’t be extended indefinitely!
No, taxation isn’t the panacea!
No, public borrowing can’t fund it all!

4. The Punishing Plan of COP21

Unilateral action could favor foreign nations
COP21: spreading the pain
COP21 jammed?

5. Plans for Accelerating the Transition

Need for technological breakthroughs
Need for public pressure for greener regulations
Need for a carbon-pricing that spares the poor

6. Accelerating the Velocity of Money

A simple scorecard, not a bureaucratic punishment?
V, the velocity of money